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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Are You Travelling For the First Time?

Many times when people plan to take a trip over the holidays, they
will end up doing some of the travelling in a car first! However, it
will be worth it once they finally get where they want to be.

If you are a beginner at taking a cruise, there are many tips that
might help you out a little more! Because most of the cruise ships are
large and complex, you can get lost easily; however, it is easy to
find your way back!

One thing that you can do for the first day or so until you know you
way around is by bringing a map with you. You may want to visit the
dining area, some of the local shops, as well as the restrooms.
Otherwise, you may also go to the internet café is you wanted to go
online. There is always an information office or booth that will be
more than happy to help you with everything.

If you should end up in an area or have no idea where you are, don't
worry as you are the not first to have that happen to you; nor will
you be the last! One thing that may help you is read the ship
newsletter. In there you will find all the latest news, gossip, and
events going on. Also, you will want to know what is cheap and what is

If you have plenty of time, you may want to check out some of the
places that provide evening events! You never know what it'll be until
it starts! One thing that many people do not like, but have to do is
the mandatory lifeboat drill. It is incase the ship should sink; odds
are close to zero! However, it can also be fun practicing it! Also,
you will feel better knowing that everything is working and how to use
the life vests!

Because you have had a little introduction as to what you can do on
the ship, go out and have fun! Also, don't look back until you have
too! Going on a cruise ship for the first time should be marvelous!!


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